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Vehicle Taxation and Compliance Enforcement

CTTFB’s mission statement is to assist State and local governments in achieving greater efficiency and effectiveness in their daily operations through process enhancements and electronic solutions.   

One of our main objectives addresses the taxation of motor vehicles… to assist Connecticut Municipalities in achieving a high level of compliance in the reporting of motor vehicles subject to taxation in their municipality.  For this purpose, the State of Connecticut has licensed our company to perform in this area.  It is both a licensed Corporate Private Investigative Agency and a certified Personal Property Revaluation Company. 

Simply stated, the municipality’s goal is to achieve 100% of the tax revenue due at the least cost.  From an operational perspective though, the desired goal should be to promote and achieve 100% “compliance”.  Although the end result remains the same, i.e., revenue collection, the difference is in the cost effectiveness in “getting there”.  Program support costs are inversely related to the degree of compliance, therefore, the higher the rate of compliance, the lower the cost to the municipality.  An educated public and a clearly defined program in an environment of publicity will have a great impact on compliance. It is important that each step of the process be “compliance” oriented.  A process which is less intrusive, clearly informs, and makes it easy to comply will produce the best results. These concepts are fundamental to our program’s design. 

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