Assessors!  It’s Now Available!


As you requested……A complete storage and analysis tool for your Personal Property Declaration Management program.  In addition to detecting individual document errors, you’ll be able to perform year to year filing analysis as well as statistical profiling by property categories.  Generate lists setting your own parameters from our Report Menu to increase your audit priority efficiency.  (It’s capable of over 45,000 list variations.)  Navigate easily between generated lists and individual company filings. Obtain summary counts in a variety of categories for your administrative reports.  Found a filing discrepancy?  Generate a letter of inquiry to the individual filer directly from our software.  Want to send a group of filers a letter of inquiry, such as those failing your threshold parameters?  Simply generate the list from our Report Menu and then select our mail merge feature.  Need to report after audit adjustments?  Just click on the Certificate of Correction and enter the changes.  Best of all, it is fully compatible with electronic filing, E-file, for your E-Government initiative.  Our VeriSign secured application ensures complete security and integrity of your data. 


E-File and our Storage/Analysis system are integral components of our Patent Pending Personal Property Tax Compliance Program.  Each component may be customized to suit each municipality’s requirements.  Additionally, our PDIF system is available to enhance the value of your statistical results.


And the great news is……There is no need to expend your capital budget to enjoy the benefits of this system tool.  Provided as a subscription service, it will get you quickly started discovering missing assets and recovering lost revenue, while paying for itself many times over.  Our modest priced subscription is based on the number of declarations filed on an annual basis, which affords the smallest municipalities the advantages of this powerful tool.  Further, we start you off with a free grace period to try it out and then we allow cancellation at any time.  Oh, and did I mention free initial training and free forever support?  Don’t let another year’s lost revenue expire.  Please give us a call soon!


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