Property Declarations:

2006 Personal Property


2005* Personal Property


2004* Personal Property Declaration (Excel format)


2003* Personal Property Declaration (Excel format)



Business Closing:

Affidavit of Business Closing 
or Move or Sale of Business Property
(Excel format)




Government Services Division

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  *Instructions for Years 2003 to 2005:

  1. Select the Personal Property Declaration for the year you wish to fill out.
  2. Located at the bottom of the Spread Sheet are Index Tabs for each section of the Declaration.  Selecting a Tab will open that section or the declaration.
  3. Enter the required information in each section. (Note: you may print each section after completion or wait until the entire Declaration is completed.) 
  4. Print your Declaration as you would any other document.  To reduce unnecessary pages, print only those tabulated sections that contain information.  In every case, be sure to print a copy of the "Property Affidavit" form, which requires a signature.  It is recommended that you also save it to a file for you records.
  5. Review your data for completeness and accuracy before submitting.


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